About us

Lincs Ark (animal welfare) was founded in December 2002 by a group of like-minded animal lovers in the Boston, Lincolnshire area. We have now expanded into the areas around Spalding, Holbeach, Sleaford, Horncastle and up as far as Lincoln, however it does depend on volunteer availability.

We are a small charity which is entirely self-funded. Every penny raised via our appeals, fundraising events, etc, is spent on the animals in our care. Everyone involved with the group is an unpaid volunteer with a mutual love of our furry, four-legged (and sometimes feathered) friends!

The majority of the animals rescued and rehomed by us are cats and kittens, although a number of rabbits and other small animals also come into our care and are adopted out to suitable homes.

Lincs Ark is unable to take in or rehome dogs as we are a small charity and do not have the facilities or foster carers able to look after them.

We never put a healthy animal to sleep; all animals in our care stay with us until we can find them a new home. We always carry out a home visit for every adoption of one of our animals.