From bins to beds!


From bins to beds!


During the summer of 2017 Rosie found herself living as a stray on a council refuse site. How she got there is a mystery, but the people who ran it were very kind and gave her food & water and reported her to Lincs Ark who collected her from the site and she was taken into foster care.

Many attempts were made on social media to find her owner but no one came forward, and unfortunately, she was not micro-chipped. 

I first saw her details when I was browsing the internet hoping to adopt a rescue cat, and from her description she sounded like just the cat I was looking for.

I spoke to Lincs Ark who did a home visit and subsequently arranged for me to visit her. She was rather shy and timid but she did let me stroke her and immediately started to purr and relax a little. Having decided I wanted her, I collected her a week later and took her home, with advice from Lincs Ark on how to let her settle in.

For the first three or four days she just stayed in the room I had prepared for her and apart from eating a little and using her litter tray she just hid under her blanket. I would go in occasionally to stroke her and discovered that she loved having her head and neck scratched and this would send her into rapturous purrs.

Finally her curiosity got the better of her and she cautiously started exploring her new surroundings before going back into her room and hiding back under her blanket. I also started carrying her downstairs in the evening and she would lie down next to me on the sofa and happily let me stroke her head and neck.

Shortly after this she would come and lie on my bed during the day and eventually she took to lying almost next to me at night time, quietly snoring in a lady like fashion!

After this there was no stopping her and soon she was very much at home in the house. She learnt to communicate by squeaking to me if she needed something (usually food!) or if she wanted to go out and explore the garden.

So now she knows she's staying with me, she has made herself completely at home.  In the daytime she is happy lazing on my bed in the sunshine and in the evening she comes down to lie on the sofa and be made a fuss of.  When I go upstairs at night she follows me and immediately jumps onto the bed and stretches out long before I can get into bed!

I changed her name to Monkey as she is quite ‘chunky’ and mischievous. She loves hunting her catnip mouse and kills it several times a day.

After what she has been through it is no wonder that she is still slightly timid at times but has turned into a very loving and contented cat who now rules my life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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